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Sofilla is a Miami-based musician, born of Cuban and Swedish descent. With an extensive musical upbringing of singing in the church choir and teaching herself to play piano and guitar, Sofilla's passion for music has only grown over the years.

Sofilla began collaborating with several beatmakers on SoundCloud, where she began to build a following. Her debut single "Remedy" with the Las Vegas beatmaker Weirddough, has gained over 100,000 plays on Spotify alone. This inspired her to form a band that performs original material and an eclectic array of covers in their own unique style.

Since then, Sofilla and her band have been touring Florida, showcasing their versatility at bars, restaurants, and high-end hotels. 

Musical Ensemble:

The musical ensemble known as Sofilla consists of Sofilla and RJM2. They have rotating members of local musicians which change depending on the needs of the venue. Based on this, their performances can vary from duo, trio, to full band. When performing as a duo, RJM2 loops guitar & bass using his trusty foot pedals while Sofilla sings and plays guitar. In a trio setting, a drummer is included. With a full band, other instruments are included such as bass, piano, and saxophone.


Sofilla's sound is a fusion of Neo-Soul, Funk, & Indie Nova, characterized by Sofilla's soulful vocals and masterful guitar playing, RJM2's intricate loops, and the addition of other instruments such as the saxophone and piano. The band's sound is versatile and engaging, making it perfect for a range of venues and events.


305 878 1313

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